Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lookin' Sharp For Sunday!

So doesn't every little boy need some full moon forest by Tula Pink! I promise I'll never tell him it had anything to do with Pink!

Isn't it cute though?! My sweet boy is 5 months old and I finally made him a tie! (Don't worry I'm not trying to kill anyone, it's got velcro on either end of a 6" string of fabric so the tie only goes across the front of the collar and is not a choking hazard! :) )

This has been in very slow progress since I finished Bloom by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms 2 weeks to realize I wanted to do it, 2 weeks to cut the interfacing and iron it on, 2 weeks later carry it upstairs to iron, cut, figure out how to do it, etc., 2 weeks or more of it sitting on the table (back downstairs now :) ), finally sewed it up this morning! Yeah for my cute boy! I dressed him up and spiked his hair and he was the sharpest lookin' little boy at church... if I do say so myself :) Can you tell I'm a mom :D


  1. What an adorable tie!! Too cute!

  2. Wow! Oh that is just so bright and cheery!

  3. What a cute tie! I bet he looked adorable in it!


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