Thursday, March 18, 2010

Munki on your hips

I finally pulled this Munki apron from my brain to the fabric thanks to my one man sewing retreat! Heather Ross is pretty amazing and I love this pink icecream truck fabric! When I got the fabric it looked like this... as so much Munki Munki fabric does :)
I was trying to come up with a way to use it that would really highlight the fabric and so I could use and love it!

To make it I folded the shirt panel to where the neck line started to curve and squared the panel side. I saved the hemmed edge and unstitched it to get as much length and use of the fabric as possible.Then used my ruler to square off the arm curve on the top as high as I that point I created a ruffle that goes the length of the apron base and added a row of contrasting fabric at the top and a sash twice the width of the fabric.
I added the buttons along the button holes that were already there due to the fact that it was a shirt panel, I love the way it came out, they looked so cute!
Good luck with your Munki Munki!
Do something that makes you love it even more than you already do!

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