Saturday, July 25, 2009

A sunny day!

I had a new experience yesterday! In between binding the quilt pictured here and still working on my nine patches (hey at least I'm working on them, :) I'll get there!)

I made a fabric postcard for my sister's upcoming birthday!

Hopefully it doesn't take too long to send it since it's fabric and her b-day is Wednesday

*blush* I hope it makes it!

The front of Sarah's shop has these cute little poppies all across her door and windows and I thought they'd look cute in this little seen

I used some Amy Butler Midwest Modern to make the sun and poppy centers, and a little Anna Maria Horner Garden Party for the main flower. Then I just pulled some fun stash stuff for my clouds and grass and a little blue sky and Viola!

I present to you my first fabric postcard!

Here's the back all decked out for mailing...

Frankly, it amazes me that the post office will pretty much send anything! As long as it's not dusty wet or torn up :)

Who am I to complain though? I'm sure glad they do :) I hope this makes Sarah smile!

Happy Birthday sis!


  1. Darling!

    I just made my 1st not too long ago and want to make many, many more!

    I too am surprised that they go through the mail with out any problem, but I guess if it has a stamp, and doesn't "contain anything perishable, toxic or potentially hazardous" they will send it!

  2. I work for Canada post and it shocked me when someone wanted to send a car tire in the mail and it wasn't boxed or anything and my superviser said slap some stamps on it and it's a done deal!!!
    Since then I think I've seen it all!

  3. its lovely!
    that little polka dot ground just makes it!!

  4. So adorable! I will have to try to make one!


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