Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Embellishing Jeans, Jenean Morrison Style!

At the beginning of the school year I did the traditional going through clothes ritual switching from one size to another going through boxes and preparing a huge stack of pants to be tightened, loosened, cutoff, etc. I came across one pair of jeans that has been hanging around through several children and they are just always the wrong size!
They fit the waist of my size 6 girl but the length is somewhere around a 4-5. Thinking they'd fit someone, sometime, they always get shoved off for another child (After all I have 5! Surely they'll fit someone, sometime!!)

Well no more!
This year as my stack of mending grew and I came upon this same pair of jeans and I decided to do something about them!

Using my lovely stash of Jenean Morrison downstairs I whipped up some adorable cuffs and a flower and decked out these never worn jeans into the new favorite pair of capris!

Of course, then Alayna got to help me out with a photo shoot and had a blast in the process! Seriously you have no idea how much giggling went into showing off these new capris!
Okay, well here's an idea :)

I've got the full tutorial up today over at the MSQC blog The Cutting Table!
Go check it out and leave me some love!

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