Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Jelly Roll Week Somewhere!

I think I miss spoke in my last post
and all my wonderful links were for naught! :)
Unfortunately, it is not Jelly Roll week at the MSQC blog yet!
Keep watch though it will be soon, and they will be featuring my happy little "Gooseberries" quilt.
But, until then lets make it Jelly roll week here!
Or at least Jelly roll end of the week! :)
Since it's short notice for me I'm gonna start with a list of my favorite jelly rolls. (Now remember that being jelly rolls this narrows the fabric selection considerably to only MODA choices and this is still incredibly difficult!)

Here's my top five! er.. 6!
(and even this group is subject to change and not in order :) )

Soiree by Lila Tueller
We all know how much I love Soiree. (if not follow some links off that last sentence and see me talk about Soiree) If I could I'd thank that wonderful miss Lila herself simply for existing and bringing her fabulous style into this world.

The Morris Workshop by Barbara Brackman
I'm finding I have a Barbara Brackman weakness. I love her scrolls and color combinations it makes Victorian fresh, new, and happy!

Hello Betty Retro by Chloe's Closet
Love the colors, particularly the Retro version of Hello Betty! The negative floral patterns really pop the color too!

Nouveau by Sentimental Studios
My sister and I have been smitten by this one for quite a while now!

Aside from the fabulous bright and fanciful artwork on the all over designs, how can I not love a fabric that features sewing supplies! Aaah! I want it!

Arcadia by Sanae
Arcadia's grey background is the perfect backdrop for the yellows and oranges that bring us from Fall comfort to Spring freshness! The elegant modern design helps make any project classic... and trust me I need that!
Since I'm talking Sanae I'm going to slip in an extra and mention how much I love
Spooktacular by Sanae
This is my halloween color palette! Not to mention the perfect styling for me to use and my kids and me are gonna love the end result! In fact I plan to finish out some treat bags I started *ahem* last year *cough* with a little spooktacular style!

Geez, how do you choose? With that last one I made this my top 7! So, did I leave any out? What do you think? Tell me about your favorites!


  1. Great fun to see all the different jelly rolls. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love wonderland and arcadia too! I also love panache and figgy pudding! So cute!

  3. I love arcadia and desperately want to make a quilt for my bedroom with it!
    Also loving Figgy Pudding lately!

  4. I just love the way the colors swirl on these. I think I would find it hard to even use a jelly roll and break up that wonderful color swirl!

  5. I just love jelly rolls period lol. I do have the Halloween on at the end of the list. I haven't made anything with it yet though. I guess I'm waiting for the perfect project.


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