Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pay It Forward

Check out this gorgeous "Nest" quilt!
I was lucky enough to sign up for a pay it forward under
lila mae quilts
aka Natalie
aka my sister!
Hehe :) I love the blessings of having talented siblings!

Seriously though isn't this the greatest pay it forward ever! I love it!
And now it's my turn!
I hope I can do something that will make my pay it forward friends hearts sing just as much as her's did mine!
So, here we go.

I want to pay it forward. Something nice was done for me, and in an effort to make our lives happier and the people in and around them kinder, I am opening this pay it forward to the first 3 people to comment on this post. To those 3 I promise that sometime in the next 365 days I will send you a special gift of kindness in some form. The only rules for you are you have to have a blog, leave me a way to contact you, and be willing to pay it forward to your own 3 people!

So, let it begin! Tell me if you want to play!


  1. YAY!! ME, ME, ME!! I would love something made by you!!

    I'll post about it on my blog this weekend!

    I put your darling button on my sidebar!

  2. So, I just found your blog and love it so far. And, yes, I would love something from you!

    My email address is:

    Love the idea!

  3. #3! I saw this on my phone the other day, but forgot to come back and sign up. I am glad you still have a spot left! Count me in ...

  4. I'm hoping I fixed the "no-reply" issue ... can you let me know?


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