Friday, December 11, 2009

On the 2nd Day of Christmas - 2 Monkey Belts

For our 2nd Day of Christmas we're making 2 Monkey belts! I'm finally breaking into my Anna Griffin fabric that I was thrilled to pick up at Market during sample spree! Look at the amazing colors! I love them! And hopefully my girls will love there stylin' new belts made from this fabulous stuff!

Here's our list of Materials (for one belt)~

1- 2.5"-5" strip cut to the WOF (width of fabric)
Meaning- Depending on how thick you want your belt to end up choose 1-5" strip, 2-2.5" strips, 1-2.5" strip, or 2- 1.5" strips, etc. Which means it doesn't really matter break out some leftover jelly roll or honey bun strips or whatever else you have lying around!
1-strip of heavy iron on interfacing cut to the same thickness
1- wide skirt or pants style hook should look something like this
Begin by choosing your main fabric and ironing the interfacing to the back of it.
Next grab the waist measurements or a pair of jeans belonging to the child your making this for.

Measure around the waist band.

My basic measurement is going to be 26" But I'm also making a belt for a child slightly smaller than this one so I going to start my hooks a little small and if I'm lucky they'll share :)
Instead of making loops or buttonholes or other closures to attach our hooks I'm making sturdy pleats. They won't look out of place regardless of which space her belt hooks and it's not gonna fray or cause other problems.
For the pleats start by pining about an inch before the full measurement. My daughters belt size was 26" so I'm placing my first pleat at approximately 25"
(I'm putting in quite a few pleats so I'm not to worried about seam allowances and exact placement. My goal is for it to adjustable and versatile... and low stress :) )
The first pins you'll place 1" apart after that place a pin every 1.5" I put in around 8 pins.

When you fold your pleats over fold the first so the pins meet, pulling the fabric toward the main length of the belt. Iron and pin the pleat in place.
As you continue folding your pleats over pull them so they come to the bottom edge of the pleat in front of it. You'll have to do this by feel.
(If you want pins to match up to, put one every 1", then 1/2", then 1", then 1/2", etc. and you'll pull up each pin that is 1" apart to meet the one in front of it... I didn't want to do that much work so I eyeballed it.)

When your through pining fold the belt in half (or sew together if using 2 pieces) and iron and stitch along the ironed center line. (this keeps the pleats in place for easier turning)

Fold right sides together and stitch closed along the edge open edge leaving the end near the pleats open for turning. (Mine is stitched twice because I decided to make it a little thinner, oops)
Turn your belt and finger press flat. Turn in the open end and stitch closed. Stitch 2 lines down the length of your belt leaving an approximate 1/2" space down the middle, so there's enough room for the hook to grab, backstitch the ends. If desired fussy cut a shape from excess interfaced fabric and sew to the front of the un-pleated side of the belt. Attach your hook to the inside of the belt under the fussy cut image.

And you're done! Great job!
Gift #2... check!

Enjoy your Merry Christmas!

Make some treats today! Hopefully, not for a school bake sale.

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  1. oh my gosh, hillary - all of your stuff is soooo cute. We're going to have to hang out so you can teach me to do all of these fun things.


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