Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilt retreat! Party of 1 please :D

Last week my husband and I went out of town on business. So, while he was working...
I had my own personal quilt retreat!
It was fantastic! See I even brought my name badge so I'd remember who I was.
I had 2 kid free days to sew all I want while my husband was gone and then dinners and evenings out with my Happy husband :D hehe! I couldn't have asked for more, except there was more! We got to meet some new friends through my husbands workplace who we got to hang out with on a couple of occasions during the trip!
Yay! Quilting, food, and friends!

During my 2 days I brought almost my entire stash (well, atleast what I was excited to use and would fit into 1 suitcase!) and several unfinished projects just to see what I felt like.

Well, those days prove that inspiration always wins out over necessity because my log cabin quilt sat un-quilted the whole time, but, I finished 2 new projects! An apron & a wall hanging top (if you count a top as finished :) hmm, it feels like I accomplished something.) and started into a new quilt idea with an Arcadia layer cake I've been dying to use! It's gonna be gorgeous!
This is the beginnings of the wall hanging's color line up :D I'll be posting more pics soon!
And... I should have a tutorial for how to use a munki munki shirt panel in a cute project that really highlights your favorite fabrics even with all the odd angles the clothing panels give you!

It's a great project, I love it, and I'm making more!
Isn't that the test of a good one? I think so.


  1. congratulations on a great weekend! your fabrics look gorgeous and i would love to see this Munki project!

  2. SOOO FUN! ummmm.....i'm LOVING the fabrics!!!!!!

  3. Those type of weekends are GREAT!! Love all the fabrics in the post!


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