Monday, May 24, 2010

It's moving back in day!

I've been having a lovely weekend!
I hope you have too! That would make it all the lovely-er *I'd raise my eyebrow here if I could (I try but I don't know if I really succeed... besides who really needs the eyebrows I know lovely-er isn't a word anyway.)*
I've been off galavanting around with the lovely ladies of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. We've had a great weekend! I took my sewing stuff, then left it at my brother-in-laws house so I couldn't use it. Dang.
So after a weekend of sewing for my mother (not me) and playing with her and my sisters around Kansas City (this is mom being kidnapped, sort of, for the trip and loving it!)
I am now home unpacking and re-moving in to my sewing space.
That's got to be the worst part of a sewing trip is packing and unpacking everything you thought you might possibly need or use!
I have bags of projects to re-sort, supplies to replace, and plugging the machine back into it's permanent spot. Which is bigger deal than it sounds. It involves hanging cords just so and hoping they don't slip as I climb over tables and lay across them so I can reach between the wall and a desk to hopefully get the cord if it's still in the right place so I can plug it in. I need an extension cord. :)
After I finish moving back in I'm finishing up some curtains for my girls and then maybe a project or two that was in the bag of to work on last weekend :)

One other super cool thing happened last weekend,
my pattern was the daily deal at the MSQC website!
I'm sad I didn't get to tell you about it because I was out of town and I don't have a laptop but don't be to sad as I am developing new patterns I will be continuing to send them over there and we will keep seeing more Designing Happy on the Daily Deal site!

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