Friday, September 3, 2010

The Online Quilter's Market!

I posted a tutorial a little while ago on the Online Quilters Market!
This is a site created by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. Crew that allows quilters the opportunity to display tutorials, reviews, and fun new quilt happenings :)

By participating here it's your chance to be a star! There are some great things going up already... such as... my broken breakfast tutorial! I'd love it if you could go and vote up my post!

The great thing for anyone who posts is, once a post gets to 20 votes you get a gift certificate to the MSQC shop! Who doesn't want to get paid for blogging! There are lots of posts that go up over there but the really good ones deserve to be noticed so on top of the gift card a post with atleast 20 votes also gets posted on the MSQC blog for all of there readers to see and then come see you! It's a win for everyone!

So go help me out and then post your own! Have fun!

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