Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Green Obsession

I've been playing with green for awhile now! This strip of aqua to green is the start of an awesome wonky doll quilt for the DQS10 to see the wonkiness all sewn together go check out my flickr! Or you can see it on the DQS10 page. It's coming along!

My Green obsession moved on from there to St. Patricks day! When I got to play with Anna Maria Horner for a little while!

Between the two of us we made quite a pile of fun little green flowers And when Heather Ross came to play the party was complete!

Each flower was topped with a vintage button and stuck in the hair of a leprechaun princess. At which time it waltzed off to school and I didn't get to take any pictures :( Thankfully I have one little princess who stays home and was happy to model her flower while she ate her green eggs for breakfast!
Of course she has to wait for the shamrock cookies and pot o' gold cupcakes! Inside the cupcakes they're rainbow! Go check out this awesome tutorial! So worth it!

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  1. such a cute hair bow. I bet the leprechaun princess was happy...and the pot o' gold cupcakes were yummy!!! :)


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