Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Spring to Finish!

Well unfortunately my Spring to finish projects didn't finish to much this time around...
I got my Headbands done...
and some really cute Easter eggs...

from this tutorial done. (I know the banister leaves much to be desired but the eggs were stinkin' cute! I had to put them up!)
I finished my Why Choose Quilt (Though I'm still working on writing up it's pattern, oh well)

And that's it. Pretty sad if you ask me. I did work on a several other stalled projects all while helping my husband with his new business plans. By way of sewing, I finished my first set of blocks for the quilt along I'm leading...
but they're still just blocks. I'm finishing as we speak my coin quilted you are what you eat quilt... but even then it needs to be quilted and bound. I finished my Jan, Feb, & Mar BOM KC Star quilt blocks ( I don't have April or May's yet :) ), but again... still just blocks on the table! As well as working up some cute little footballs rattles I'm going to be selling on etsy. So, all of these last things are just finishing another step, they are still projects whether they are in the block stage, top stage, or else where. Oh well, :) I'm glad I got these things moving again! It was fun to play and I got myself 3 entries in Jaquie's contest!
Happy Spring to Finish! How'd you do? Did you Spring miles or feet to your finish?


  1. Such cute stuff! Love the quilt blocks, that's gonna be gorgeous!
    luvs, aby

  2. You are doing great! I love all your finishes!

  3. pfft, you're doing better than me. I finished ZERO. Seriously though, your blocks are incredible. I'm IN LOVE.


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