Friday, May 1, 2009


Alright girls, who's seen the latest Tool Time Tuesday?
Every one of them is so much fun! Most of you know I'm quite the hardware store junkie :) Ask my husband, I am the owner of the chop saw, jig saw, sander, cordless drill, etc. in our house. So I was hooked after the first TTT I saw and love them! I've been doing a ton of applique lately and lovin' circles right now and Karen just made my life a whole lot easier with her perfect little circles! Or maybe not... this might prompt me to start a few more projects!

P.S. Follow that TTT link up there in the last paragraph... I am so making those aprons for one of my little girls birthdays... or something! I'm thinking we need some of those walking around at my house!

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  1. Hillary, this is so funny! I too am the one who owns all the power tools. I always get the weirdest looks at the hardware store. It is funny when I go to buy a new "toy" and they automatically turn to ask my husband the questions. When they find it's ME asking, their face is priceless! thanks for the link!


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