Saturday, April 18, 2009

Log Cabin Quilt Along... Cutting

Well, I technically got my first Quilt Along post up by Friday... *blushing*
Sorry I think many of you were in bed or at the very least doing something other than computering when it was finally up. :) Well, I learned a lot about how to manage these thing and the necessary time involved. So, we'll be looking great for next Friday to start sewing! hehe!

They tell us to learn something new everyday right... Check!

On other news I think I'm finally ready to finish my "You Are What You Eat" quilt. I was taken over by "Why Choose..." for awhile but Hurray it's finished! So that makes 3 entries for the Spring to Finish Challenge!

... what you've only heard about the one??? Ha! That's cause I'm crazy and alone with 5 kids right now! My husband will be home Wed... Thank Goodness! I do enjoy my time alone, but we work really well as a team. Someone remind of that next time I whine! :D

I had a couple of Easter projects that I worked openly on in front of the kids that are also finished. Unfortunately they didn't get to go in Easter baskets as planned, because I worked a little to openly :)

Anyway, head over to the MSQC forum and check out my quilt along. It's up and going! Hurray!

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