Thursday, May 21, 2009

Log Cabin Suburbia - Quilt Block #2 - Square in a Square

In preparation for the third block coming out this week I thought I'd put up the Square in a Square block instructions originally posted on the MSQC forum. Also, more good news :) , you no longer have to be a member of the forum to see what's going on with the quilt along! Yay! So cruise on over and check out the Sew Together, Far Apart forum to see details on the Missouri Star Quilt Company's first ever quilt along!

OK ladies today we learn my version of the Square in a Square Block!

This is going to be pretty simple since the method is the same as our last block but a little less brain work because you are sewing rings of color instead of having your colors separated corner to corner.

First you'll want to get out your strips from the bag labeled Square in a Square and arrange 1 set of strips as a layout guide.

1. Place the 2" squares right sides together you should have one Secondary and one Primary for each of 7 blocks

Sew and press open

Repeat for all 7 blocks remember chain stitching is helpful!

2. Your Secondary color (the center block) should be at the bottom. Lay a 3.5" Primary color strip on top of your sewn pieces right sides together.

Sew & press open remembering to put all your blocks through facing the same direction!

You can stack and lay them out like we did for the traditional Log Cabin last time if you found that helpful... I do
Your blocks now look like this -

3. Attach the next Primary colored 3.5" strip in the same manner. Sew & press open!

See it's "sew" easy!

4. Attach the 5" Primary colored strip to complete the second row.

5. Start on the third row by attaching the 5" Secondary color strip.

6. Attach a 6.5" Secondary color strip.

7. Attach the next 6.5" Secondary color strip.

8. Finish your row by attaching the 8" Secondary color strip.

Yay! It's looking so cool!

9. Attach the 8" Primary color strip to the top of your block.

10. Attach a 9.5" Primary color strip.

11. Attach the next 9.5" Primary color strip.

12. Attach the last strip! The 11" Primary color strip.

Look at these awesome blocks!

I love doing cool things with cool fabric!

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