Friday, May 22, 2009

That Crazy Mom is infecting us all!

Yes, I'm joining up to.  Crazy Mom Quilts is infectious I think!  Of course, it could just be that the quilts she works on are gorgeous and we all like getting together for this stuff!  Well, my sister was the one who convinced me finally that I had enough scraps between myself and her and our mother's huge stash to be able to participate and finish this quilt, 
so, *deep breath* here we go.

After starting the project at her house I came home with a whopping 2 blocks done!

Hey! There was a lot of talking going on ok! :) haha! We had a great time talking and laughing and sewing! And I came home with a stack of scraps that promise many more blocks to come till I visit again and share, er, get :) more fabric! 

So this is what I have so far!

My colors are a little off I think but you get the idea :) After my day with Nat and a day by myself... more sewing gets done when I'm by myself (of course by myself is subjective too considering that I have 5 kids :) ) but sewing with Nat is way more fun... I now have 9 blocks done and have the great feeling of being on my way!


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