Thursday, June 18, 2009

Log Cabin Suburbia - Quilt Block #3 and the sashing!

OK So it's not done completely but my Log Cabin Suburbia quilt top is done!!!

I don't want to re upload all the instructions on here so here are the links to my posts on the MSQC forum

This is the whole quilt top all together! I love it! I used Amy Butler's Quilting Solid in Slate to sash it and I think it's fantastic! I can't wait till I get to quilt it!

I'm gonna try and get ahold of some more Alexander Henry Camden Fair Fabric to bind it! Clap, Cheer! Yay!
Wow, I think I just finished my first tutorial :)


  1. I'm sure it's gorgeous but the pictures aren't working for me. I can't see it. I'll be back later to check it out.

    How did you get a label cloud? I've looked every where for months and can't figure out where to get one.

    Take care.

  2. Hillary this is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on your first tutorial! I love the quilt...are you going to quilt it or can I?

  3. It really is stunning. I love your use of colours.

  4. Log Cabin is one of my favourite blocks.


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