Monday, June 15, 2009

Quilt Show

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a quilt show held during a Civil War reenactment in Northwest MO 2 weeks ago. It was hosted by the MSQC and they had lots of help from the wonderful quilting ladies in the area! You can see a few pictures on their blog!

I thought I'd post a few of my favorites though!

I thought this one was phenomenal!

I'm amazed at the design and the work that went into this!

I also really like this red and white one...

... and I thought the re-creation of this one was a little more feasible :)

But still gorgeous!

Another favorite...

... at this point I'm starting to see a pattern and thinking I need to try something red and white! lol!

Breaking from my theme of favorites I found this awesome quilt along the back wall.
I love the colors and circles!

It's partially appliqued...


Who knows I think I like it well enough that I might try something like this out one day!


  1. GREAT post! Love the old traditional quilts! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

    Have I told you how much I love your blog header?? I love it! Oh, and your playful mischievous profile pic too!

  2. These are beautiful. Ma & I just went to the VT Quilt Festival where they had a large display of old red, white & green quilts. Truly impressive.


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