Sunday, June 7, 2009



I have no idea what that last post was even supposed to be *blush* oops, sorry! I know that it was posted the day before I left on vacation :)

I'd been planning to update you all after the giveaway craziness but as expected, it was crazy so here's what happened last week.

I worked hard and finished my Spring Blooms mini quilt

...and started working on 1000 truffles to be made for my Brother in law's wedding last week. My sister in law and I worked on them till 5 am while watching "How I Met Your Mother" episodes and I only got about 700 done....

yeah I decided that would be good enough :D Hehe! Nothing like working till your husband wakes up in the morning to make you feel like you've done enough for awhile! Then this week while we were in Missouri at my good friend Laura's house I made the wedding cake! And now I'm home after baking like crazy over the last 2 weeks! Here's a picture of the wedding cake just because I worked so dang hard on it and I'm proud of it, but I'm looking forward to some fun projecting very soon! I've got great fabric for a night gown for my little girl from the MO Star Quilt Co. I'm also getting ready to try quilting a large baby quilt myself (Eek! The biggest project I've yet attempted!) I've got to tutorial the sashing for the Log Cabin Suburbia quilt along! And my favorite upcoming project involves some new fabric I got before the Missouri trip!


  1. OMG - your 6 tier wedding cake is awesome!! I can only imagine the work that went into that. You must be so proud of it. Enjoy making the night gown for your little one:)

  2. WOW!! Beautiful cake Hillary!! I took Wilton's cake decorating Class I and II, but didn't have the natural knack for it like you obviously do! I'm glad you showed your beautiful work!!

  3. gorgeous gorgeous cake,,,,,,and what a great sis in law you are 700 of those little things,,,,omgosh,,,,,I also got some cute cute flannels from msqs and its just adorable,,,,,,,,cant wait to see pics of your jammies,,,,,,,

  4. my word, woman! No wonder you're proud of that cake! Stunning!

  5. You are so talented. The quilt looks amazing and the truffles and cake are outstanding1


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