Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Market, to Market to buy layer cakes! Home again, home again last night so late!

It's been CRAZY! I spent last week getting ready for Market and going to market! and the week before that in Missouri and... getting ready for Market!
My mom & sisters & I (the MSQC team!) had a blast!
This was Pillow & Maxfield's booth I love their fabrics! (they have a blog coming soon I believe!) And their quilt on the wall has an awesome story!
Hehe! You can tell everyone at Me & My Sister had a blast!

This was Bunny Designs booth! Alice and her Mad-hatter were so cute I had to take pictures!
She has some fantastic japanese prints! Check out the mushroom :) I love it!
I've got lots more picks with some fantastic designers and you have to keep watch on the MSQC blog they're putting together a video tour of Market that was lots of fun getting material for!

I hit school house on Friday
and wowed everyone with some super cute name badges (hehe)
and met some amazing designers! (Sandi Henderson, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Deb Strain, and on and on and on! Aaaaaa!)
Gushed over them and took pictures with them :D and none of them hate me yet... I think :) hehe!
Can you understand why I'm still giggling thinking about it! Or maybe it's just the fantastic fabrics I got! Aah, japanese prints, Heather Ross, Riley Blake, and more though not nearly enough more! (But apparently enough to make me giggle :D )


  1. sossooooo jealous!
    p.s. got my package in the mail the other day!
    So awesome thank you so much!
    I plan to blog about it this week!

  2. Love your beach photos ;)

    How fun!!! Can't wait to see what you turn out with all your new fabrics!


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