Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Crazies!

Wow October has flown by and is still flashing past me but I thought I'd stop a minute and tell you about my crazies!
The week after Market I was up until all hours of the night...
yes it's true. Twice I was up until 5 and even 6 am.
Only realizing I should go to bed after Ally's alarm clock rang to wake her up! I prepped for and did a tiny bit of a craft fairage. I made around 30-40 headbands out of some super cute stash
(these are the dregs of the bunch, the rest are at the MSQC, and I still think they're cute!)
and I threw in a few diaper cakes I made to sell and never listed *blush* oops! This last week I spent some time embellishing the extras and sent them on to my sisters shop. Lots of cute ric-rac flowers and fuzzy embroidery! One bonus of making all those headbands, it gave me plenty of opportunity to use my brand spanking new from Market gingher scissors!!!
I love them! So sharp and strong!
Just like a man but all dressed up cute and ready for what ever I tell them to do!

I've also had to little girls birthdays happen in the last couple weeks one party is still coming sometime before the onslaught of the holidays and yesterday was the children's program at our church I'm in charge of the music and we've been practicing all year long and I have to say it was beautiful. Even my husband cried. :) Sometimes things just go right.
Thought I'd leave you with one of my Market pics I haven't gotten up yet :) I'm thinking I'll just sprinkle them in with my upcoming posts so we can have a little market all year long!
This is of course me and the amazing Amy Butler! her class was so fun! Love the new "Love" fabric! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff that comes from all these new fabrics and patterns!
Thank you miss Butler! We love you too!

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  1. 6 am? Now THAT is a late night! Wow! Isn't Amy so sweet? Almost as cute as those scissors of yours. ;-)


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