Sunday, December 20, 2009

9 fabric gift tags!

9 fabric gift tags... or will I need more?
Sheesh I think Christmas is the only time of year I come even close to disliking shopping! But with all those gifts we can't forget the wrapping and that means tags! Atleast for the pretty gifts :)

For your custom fabric gift tags take 1 light and 1 dark square of fabric adhere them together with a steam a seam type material to make double sided fabric.

Cut a 3"x6" piece of foil. Put steam a seam on the dull side of it.

from your double sided fabric cut a 2.5" circle.

Trim your foil to slightly thinner than your circle.

Give it decorative ends and fold it so the ends just grab the top of the circle. Iron in place.

Trim the foil top like an ornament hanger and voila, one down!

Can you see Santa's special tag?
Write on the light side to that special someone!

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