Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crazy 8!

Happy eighth day of Christmas!

Today's project is really quick and based off a little doll quilt. I don't know about you but my family likes to go caroling & take treats to friends during the holidays. These are what you take to the friends and family you really like! Great for In-laws or good friends the gift is a little tray but can be opened and hung as a wall hanging or mini table runner! Double gifts, woohoo! Who wouldn't love that?

Start with any festive little doll quilt
...or something just plain cute! Honestly the smaller the better I think, mine is big enough that the sides don't hold up as well as the small ones.
and 4 - 1/2" pieces of velcro

I wanted my sides to stand 2" tall so I stuck a pin at 2" from the corner on all sides.

Then sew a piece of velcro just outside the pin, and under the binding. Feels like a given but make sure you have one of each kind of velcro at each corner.

If the base is bigger than 5"-6" across you'll probably want to stabilize it with something. I know walmart sells cake boards (white cardboard essentially) that you can hold underneath it just so it's stays were it's supposed to.

Tada you're done!

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  1. you are soooo creative, absolutely cute, cute stuff here,,,,,,,,,


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