Monday, January 11, 2010


Sorry that took so long. We were gone for New Years, then we've had many snow days with lots of kids at home! On top of that I was very sick last week.

But, I know who the winner of our lovely little fabric bundle is!

Want to know?

Let's have a big round of computer key clicking applause for,
she said:Your cake is certainly the best holiday treat I have seen this year! well done. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Merry christmas and happy New Year!!
How nice is she! Thanks Jenny and enjoy your new fabric!

Actually you were all very kind and said wonderful things about my projects and the cake and me in general... I liked to come on here every day just to see what you guys had said!
Way to keep a girls spirits up!
In fact they are so far up that today I'm digging into my daunting projects pile to work on one of those unfinished projects I just haven't had the guts to finish regardless of the deadlines and challenges I give my self :) Hehe. I'll show you soon!


  1. congratulations to Jenny!

    sorry to hear you've been unwell, Hillary :(
    I too was sick over the holidays and it stinks!

  2. Congrats to Jenny. If you need more unfinished projects to do, you can drop by my place... Bwahahahaahahhahaa!

  3. Thank you so much Hillary! Can't wait to touch this fabric I have heard so much about!

  4. Congratulations Jenny!!

    I hope you're feeling better Hillary. Thanks for the great giveaway.


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