Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Red and Nicey Jane are on there way to Market

Ha if only.
That started as a childrens rhyme joke and then I capitalized Market and my brain went straight to Minnesota. I'm not even going to explain what the joke would have been it's just depressing now. At this point I may or may not be going to market, though it seems to be leaning towards not.
Sad huh.

On a happier note, let me show you my cute swap things.I made these for my wonderful swap friend. She's amazing and she was looking for some fun things for her home I chose a sewing machine cover and then threw together this Nicey Jane pillow. It wasn't one of her color combo choices but she had the color's in her inspiration pics and everyone loves Nicey Jane right?

Here's a close up of Little Red herself. I love it it's a drawing done by my very good friend Catania I think she could sell some of her artwork as embroidery patterns. She's great, so is Red.
I also love her gnome friends :) Tiny gnomes make life happier I think.

This is part of the swap gift I received. It's awesome!!! I don't know how I managed to get some one with just the right stash or maybe just the right fabric taste for me! But I now have several projects I want to do that involves finding some of the fabrics she used :) It's way to super cute! And the pillow she gave me was amazing (go check out all my pics on flickr then check out her's :) ) The front is adorable & the backs blue is perfect for my living room! She used a daisy chain fabric and a solid gray to pair it with on the back and I don't know how I got so lucky but it's really one of my favorites!

Last, I was asked about the mailbox I said I was building...
Well it killed my wrist, almost. I can still sew :) but here it is in all it's not perfectness what can I say but I'm sure glad I can still sew. I'm a lot better at that.If I could not sew we would be having some big issues. As it is, it only makes it hard to do push-ups which I'm not really sure I'm upset about :)


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