Monday, January 3, 2011

Always choose a business name you can spell!

Here's a pic because it makes me happy but... I just giggled.

When I wrote my last post title it said Still Desinging! Still happy! look at it closely... OK.
I love to sing. I sang Oh, Holy Night for our church this year for Christmas, and I've started a childrens choir among other singing and musical adventures. But that title made me laugh because when I very first thought about starting a business I had business cards all made up and professionally printed and when I handed it to my first friend she was looking it over and all excited with me then she gets a funny look on her face and says "whats a de-singer?"
In all my proof reading I hadn't noticed my misplaced g I was so embarrassed!
Needless to say I've tried very hard to train my fingers to type designer correctly since, I type and write it a lot now!

So my New Years tip of the day,

Always choose a business name you can spell!


  1. Desinging is overrated anyway! I mean, who wants to desing? It's not a very happy thing to do. Resing, yes. Ensing, yes. But desing? No! ;)


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