Monday, January 3, 2011

Still Designing! Still happy!

I've been thoroughly busy and thoroughly enjoying this holiday season! I am also thoroughly glad it's over! My husband kissed me at midnight on New Year's Eve and I swear at that moment a weight was lifted off my shoulders!
I could look around and think clearly. I have no deadlines pushing in on the year yet. I'm learning to be a mom to my boy (this is a total adjustment, and I'm still figuring it out... it'll probably be that way forever :) ) and I felt the need to do things I enjoy again! It was so wonderful the New Year seemed to have washed away all the stress that had been hanging around for the last 6 months or so!
Seriously starting mid September through, well, January (and even March if you include my birthday, but we don't really want to do that!) is birthday/ Holiday season at our house. Don't ask me why I planned it that way. I didn't. But every 2-3 weeks starting in September someone is havin' a party whether it's a birthday or a Holiday! It's fun but totally crazy!

Anyway here's some sewing sneak peeks of what's been happening during the last little while!
Sunshine thoughts in this project :)
Lots of embroidery love here!
And this is a snippet of a pillow that inspired a new pattern idea!
(Now we have to see if I can get it written down. The problem is definitely not a lack of ideas!)
Anyway there will be more to come! There have been presents made and crafts that are super fun to play with!
But for now, here's one of my little sweeties,
wishing us all a Happy New Year!
I hope it's filled with friends and fun and sewing and peace (and quiet :) ) and all your grand plans fall into place for a magnificent 2011!

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