Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas leftovers... of the non-food variety

I love getting rid of Christmas leftovers! My counters are clean and now my sewing table! Almost, here's the story :)
I've had this top for a year now. My mom made it last year and decided she didn't want it... I do! I love the shades of red and green in this fabric! I'm pretty sure it's mostly a line, but I honestly don't know which one.Feel free to help me out here if you recognize any fabric!
I got it before Christmas last year and it's been sitting in my to-do box since then till the beginning of last month I was going to finish it and have it on my table for Christmas this year! Well I basted it and then it sat on my table waiting, again :)

*Flash Forward*
(nice special effects, huh!)

I got up this morning and thought I'm gonna sew before my baby gets up! Well, what lay before me but the unfinished table topper...
Calling #3,655? ding! You're up!

It takes so little time to stipple a little topper! It makes me think, "Sheesh, why did that take so long?" Well, I finished that and went to get my binding and

I don't have any.


Back to the box.


  1. you are too funny! I do love that fabric! I don't know what it is either, but I love it!

  2. Christmas Snowflower by Dena Fishbein. Just so you know! Love ya! Natalie


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