Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's go with... Fussy Cut Friday!

Since it's not Wednesday I couldn't call this post Worktable Wednesday but never fear the alliteration doesn't end with Wednesday and since I fussy cut some awesome fabric this morning, Fussy Cut Friday, felt fabulously, fantastic!

This is part of what I'm working on today! There is also a birthday to handle (my Layna Belle is 7!), cake to make, friends to help, and little boys to keep out of the cake :)
But before all that let's bring a little fabric happy to our day!
OK seriously who doesn't love fussy cutting? At least after the fact. Laborious? Sometimes. But it's so cute! What's your favorite piece?
I love that I'm getting to use swimmy, my gnomes, the sweet little princess, and her froggy friend in this exciting new project! (Thank you Heather Ross)
So what's my fun little project? Not telling. :) Atleast, not yet!
Happy day everyone!


  1. I love how swimmy looks on your piece!

  2. Those are so totally cute!!! is this what you're doing with your spare time??


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