Monday, January 17, 2011

VW-esque, tutorial-ish & a laugh

I have a couple amazing ladies to share with you today.
First up A little piece of Heather! I don't know about you but I love the pieces of Heather I always feel lucky enough to find :) Which Heather? It doesn't matter you pick! These are some awesome VW-esque vans by Heather Ross, that I sent off in a pay it forward to my friend Mel of Mel's Own Place. And the ruffle is one of my favorite Heather Bailey prints! I've decided I love making these aprons I've got a tutorial-ish post about them here that I may try to fill out more but alot of the "pattern" is super variable, which is nice :)
Next awesome lady is Camille! The Thimble Blossoms wonder is amazing! She's having an
awesome giveaway that is perfect for anyone wanting to get to know her stuff a little better. She asks about dreams in her post and it gets you thinking about 'em...
that and she also mentions Neil Patrick Harris which makes me crave some of his legen... wait for it... dary, legendary shows! I watched Doogie Howser growing up and spent a set of weeks with my sil (I can't remember how many but lots of 3am nights laughing out loud in her bed.) marathon watching How I Met Your Mother! He makes me laugh. She makes me dream.

Thanks Camille. Thanks Heathers :) I hope to have many more Heather and Camille moments to come!
Oh, and tell me if you try out this shirt panel apron I'd love to hear how it goes!

Here's an awesome giveaway by an inspiring lady!


  1. I was scanning your post for 'fabulous'...didn't see it anywhere! Did I miss it? :)

    My sister wants to know how much the pattern is for the baby changing pad you made Sadie. She really liked it.

  2. I'm soooooo lucky to have received the LOVELY apron!!!

    I'm also lucky to have met you via blogging!!
    ThANk YoU!!


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