Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you Mail Man!

He makes me smile when he brings happy soft packages!
Today... Arcadia!
Along with the "No 'Mo Snow" Daily Deal from the MSQC $3.33 a yard for up to 3 yards of white. So happy!
you know what this means? I can finish bordering my White Noise quilt!

He also brought me some Sherbet pips love! Eek! So excited!
A sneak peek at another happy moment from the mail man!
I'll show you the rest soon! Little girls are waiting for me today, I just couldn't wait any longer!


  1. ok, im sorry i clicked over to see what the daily deal thing was!!

    happy fabrics!!

  2. yep, Hillary's vacationing. don't worry, folks, she'll be back soon. Until then, check out her other blog...maybe she hasn't abandoned it.


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