Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Market and beyond!

This is me, my mom, and sisters on the first day of Market!
(I tried to post this on Thursday with my mobile app but something wouldn't work, sorry!)

We had such an amazing time! We went to school houses by Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Carolee of Adorn It!, Lila Tueller, lots of Moda Ladies, and visited so many amazing booths it's hard to remember them all!

I got some great pics and some awful pics but I'll try to mix it up!
By the way, if anyone has any good tips on getting good pics from your iphone :) let me know!

First I have some Sandi Henderson pics. I love her new line of fabric it's called Secret Garden and it's gorgeous! I even love the names of her different colorways!

Check out some of them here. I love the way Sandi displays her fabrics!
All my schoolhouse pics are the bad ones but here is Sandi giving her presentation she wasn't feeling well but her presentation was awesome! We're super excited for Sandi here!
Secret Garden pillows... I wonder if Sandi does all her own sewing? No I didn't ask sorry!
This pic I love! Because I swear this is the same rabbit I made when my mom first taught me and my sisters to sew. It went together just fine until I got to the head mine was stitched and un-stitched so many times I finally just had to cut out a new one and try it again!
So it was super fun for me to se this little guy done up in super cute fabric and looking gorgeously updated from his muslin predecessors!
This next pic is Sarah Jane! She is an adorable new designer with Michael Miller!
Love some of these fabrics from her line!

Joel Dewberry's booth was stunning
Check the colors! Love them!

Lila Tueller at schoolhouse!
Woohoo! I was even lucky enough to get some of her fabric from sample spree! Aaah! Can't wait to play!
And this of course is the so talented Anna Maria Horner's booth!
I just love her and her style!
One of my big thrill moments was meeting Camille Roskelley. Here's a pic of her and her mom at Moda's schoolhouse. Again sorry for the awful pic she talked about a cute project coming up in September that everyone's going to enjoy!
Unfortunately I was so worried about not seeming crazy that I didn't get any pics from her booth, but you've been catching glimpses of Ruby around and I know you all love it as much as I do!

I'm totally excited about this fabric I got from Pat Bravo who designs for her company Art Gallery Fabrics. Honestly I've searched and searched and can't figure out what line it is but Bohemian Soul is her new line coming out and it's stunning!
I also got a pack of Tidbits by Kari Ramsay of Fresh Cut Quilts! Love them!


  1. what fun! can't wait to see what you make...that rabbit is awesome!

  2. Great post Hill! Miss you already! We need girls weekend WAY more often! LOL!


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