Friday, December 18, 2009

On the 7th day of Christmas!

Ok, so I used both my 2 free days already... dang it!

And just so you know, I'm not going to tutorial on Christmas Eve either! and neither should you! go enjoy your families! Soooo.... Guess what that means?!?!?

A Christmas Eve Giveaway! Yay! Presents for Christmas is so appropriate anyway!

Yes, when you come back for the 12th day of Christmas there will be presents!
But, for today, we are all still making them :)
In fact, the next couple days will be in-law appropriate gifts! Hehe, we're leaving tomorrow for my husbands family christmas :) What a coincidence, huh!

Today we are making photo ornaments that are so much cuter than the plaster cheapo's you can pick up in any random photo center.
These ones could even be hung up with nothing in them and still be admired!

Materials -
Choose 3 charm squares for each ornament, a front, a middle, and a back.
1 gold colored charm square
2 - 5" square scraps of batting
1 - 2.5"x5" scrap of batting

Step 1 - Cut a 5" circle template with a 2.5" circle cut from the center.

Step 2 - Stack your fabric and batting in 2 stacks in the first place your back fabric (face down), 1 square of batting, and your middle fabric (face up). In the 2nd stack have your 2nd batting and your front fabric (face up).

Step 3 - Cut the stacks into 5" circles using your template.
Step 4 - take your gold colored square and fold it around the 2.5" piece of batting. Leaving the side opposite the fold pinked, cut from the fold strips 1 5/8" wide,
you can get up to 3 out of each charm square.
Step 5 - Trace the inside circle on the front ornament.
Step 6 - Sew around the circle you just drew twice. Sew around the outer edge of both circle stacks. Cut out the center of the small circle.
Step 7 - Attach a gold rectangle to the ornaments front circle, pinked side toward the ornament.
Step 8 - Stitch a rectangle approximately 1/2" thick and freehand a circle at the top.
Trim around the shape.
Step 9 - Your almost done place 2 pins about 2.5" apart at the top of your ornament and sew once around the bulk of the ornament. Leaving the 2.5" gap open.
Step - attach a 8-10" length of ribbon to the top of your ornament for hanging and put in a picture!More In-law happiness tomorrow!
I hope you're almost ready!! Maybe these will help :D

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