Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ornaments for Day 6

The ornaments I made today were inspired by these!

They're a perfect little christmas ornament for yourself or someone else!
So grab some turnovers or a charm pack and make some tiny victorian-esque (depending on your fabric!) ornaments! And watch MSQC's blog because there should be a video of these coming soon!

2 turnovers or 2 charm squares cut on the diagonal
Trim cut the length of the long side of your triangles
Trim cut 2" longer than the long side of your triangles (handle)

These are made with ric-rac and straight trim the ric-rac is sewn into the cone and the straight is sewn onto the edge. I've got instructions for both! Yay!

Cut your charm squares into triangles.
If you've got turnovers, no worries, your good to go!

Layout to decide on trims and fabric combos if doing more than 1 or 2.
Or just because it's fun and we like to look at the pretty fabrics!

If sewing your trim into the cone stack the cone outside on the bottom, then the handle edges positioned just outside the 1/4" seam area, next your trim right side down if there is one, and last the outside fabric also face down.
Sew across the long edge through all thicknesses.
When you open it up, it should look something like this.
If sewing your trim to the outside stack as shown above but leave out the trim and sew together with just the handle included.
Open it and sew your trim down across the open seam.
After attaching your trim and handle fold in half the opposite direction
sew along the fabric edges matching your corners and seams and leaving a small opening near the point of the inside fabric.
trim the corners and turn!
Pretty dang cute isn't it!

These would be cute on a gift,
or filled with mini candy canes on the tree,
or as kids christmas gifts for friends at school, or teacher gifts!
How many of you are still working on teacher gifts thinking I should but do I have to!?
We love our teachers and it doesn't take much to make them feel special!
Make someone's Christmas special this year!

Happy almost Christmas!

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