Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy no-sew Valentines Day!

I venture into no-sew very rarely but this one I needed to do!
I was missing my husband this week he is in Arizona on a bike race :( so I bought myself some chocolates in a moment of low self control and toddlers in the grocery store. And, aside from calories, it gave me the start of a project I've wanted to do for awhile!
Today I disassembled my box of pot of gold hersheys! (Handily, it was already empty so there was no mess inside, so convenient!)
I found some turquoise Riley Blake fabric that I love and I covered & tufted (slightly) my first candy box!
I used the red velvet ribbon to accent the Riley Blakeness :) and sewed it through the fabric batting and lid! To create this adorable project :)
After gluing it all back together I love the results!
Can I also say I'm falling in love with my spray on adhesive! No not the basting spray though I love that to :D I used spray on glue to stick the batting to the lid and the fabric to the batting! Not excessive but holds it in place... perfect! After practicing I feel more confident and next year plan to make these for some deserving friends :)
I love good friends! They should know it too!

Happy V-day!


  1. what a fun heart!
    good all year long really!
    got my FFA fabrics Saturday and they are even better in person than I could imagine. Thanks so much!

  2. I might commission your talent in the near future my friend. :)


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