Friday, February 12, 2010

To my sweet friends...

I feel I owe you an explanation for my *ahem* month long absence,

I've not been feeling well (if I add a cough does it seem more real? :D ) and sadly this is the only sewing picture I have to show you!
It's the cobblestone streets of suburbia and, no, it's still not done. I'm telling you, it was in the "it's not finished because it's so daunting pile" for a reason!

This is the other reason I've been gone...
Following those little feet around all day and keeping them out of trouble takes way more time than I remember! He's a little troublemaker. Which means all scissors, pins, knives, napkins, candles, etc. must stay out of sight at all times lest they fall into the hands of the wicked er, baby :)
Anyhow, I've still got a sore throat and I'm supposed to sing in church on Sunday, and my husband is out of town for the weekend. Yes that means valentines day too! Yuck, huh!
Well, let's see what I can get done today! I hope to see you again before v-day!

Happy Day!

*I'm off to clean up something that the fingers belonging to the little feet shown above just spilled. Yes, that's all the time it takes. :)


  1. yes, yes it does. those babies are quick aren't they!!! Good luck getting back on your feet! I've been sick too, laced with taxes and paperwork I am basically useless!

  2. Boys (and girls) are trouble! :)

  3. walking babies sure keep you on your toes! hope you are back in good health soon!

  4. My girls are all grown up now, but I remember how fast they can get into something. Hope you're feeeling better and can get back to sewing soon.
    Take care,


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